Canadian Slot Sites

If you’re a fan of slots, then the place to be these days is online. Online casinos provide some of the most thrilling slot games anyone could imagine. Games that are interactive, exciting, and offer massive jackpot prizes to boot! The only difficult choice is deciding where to play! Fortunately, there is no shortage of top-quality Canadian slot sites for players to enjoy.

The big advantage that comes from playing at Canadian slot sites is the choice you have. There are thousands of slots to be enjoyed at Canadian slot sites, and these slots have three main forms:

  • Arcade Slots
  • Video Slots
  • Jackpot Slots

All three of these slots are incredibly fun to play and offer something a little different to the rest. The first of these are arcade slots. If you like fast-paced action and no fluff, these are the slots for you. Typically, they only come with three reels and offer no over the top features. Generally, you’re just hoping to hit the right symbols and strike it big! A typical jackpot win on one of these slots tends to be around the £500 mark. However, there are a few arcade slots which offer progressive jackpots!

Most popular Canadian slots

Arguably the most popular of these slots though is video slots. There probably isn’t a Canadian slot site in existence right now that doesn’t offer video slots! And what makes these slots appeal to so many players is their bonus features. These are slots with cool cinematic features and stunning visuals that almost make you forget you’re even playing a slot! Each slot is uniquely different in terms of themes and bonuses. Plus, they offer jackpot prizes that reach into the thousands. No Canadian site is ever complete without plenty of these on offer!

The final slot you’ll find at a Canadian slot site is the progressive jackpot slot. These slots pay-out big money – and they do it with style too! A progressive slot isn’t too far off a video slot. The big differences tend to be slightly less emphasis on the features and more on the prizes. With every spin you make at a jackpot slot, a small percentage goes towards a progressive fund.

Due to the sheer number of players in the online arena, this means it doesn’t take long for these slots to pay big. When we say big, we mean it too! Most Canadian slot sites you’ll come across now have million-plus jackpots up for grabs. More often than not, they’ll have multiple, which you can win for as little as 25p a spin!

Bonuses to match!

Another advantage of playing online at Canadian slot sites is the bonuses available. There’s everything from no deposit bonuses up to one’s worth thousands when you first sign up. Perhaps better than this for slot players is all the free spins going around too!

When it comes to Canadian slot sites these are the three main types of bonus you can expect:

  • No deposit bonuses
  • Welcome bonuses
  • Free spins

Generally, it doesn’t matter too much which of these you get. You can claim a no deposit bonus in addition to one of the other two so if you can take both! We’d highly recommend grabbing one of these bonuses before depositing with a site as these are where you’ll find the most value.

To make matters even easier for you, we’ve assembled a list of the best Canadian slot sites in the market right now. These have a good blend of top prizes, game selection, and cool themes. Everything you need for a great time!