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  • Bonus game with free spins
  • Big win – x5,262 to the bet
  • Mobile available
  • Great design
  • Beware of adjustable RTP ranges
  • No Retriggers


There are a lot of different slot games that you can access at online casinos. However, many of them feel boring after a few spins, as there are no background stories or interesting elements to hook you. Agent of Hearts, however, is quite different, giving you access to a fun theme where your goal is to unlock the Queen’s heart. Let’s take a look at what Agent of Hearts is all about, how the game works, and consider the features that can help you get a return for the investment you make when depositing money at an online casino.

About Agent of Hearts

In just the last four years, the online gambling industry has doubled in popularity. More people are now turning to online casinos as opposed to visiting an on-site gambling facility. As this popularity grows, we’re seeing more casino games and slots launching on these platforms. Agent of Hearts is an exciting entry in the online slot games section and gives you multiple ways to win.


The game has quite a unique layout, with an arrangement of 7-7-5-5-5-7-7. This means the board is large and has several slots where you can get symbols to match. The RTP rating of the game is 96.25%, which is good for an online slot game. You also have a wide range in which you can place your bets. That makes the game great for beginners who want to keep their risk low at first but also caters to more experienced players who are willing to push more money into their spins.


Agent of Hearts is made by Play’n Go. This company has a good reputation for the games it makes and specifically targets the online gambling niche.

Game Features and Bonuses

When you first open the game, you’ll notice that it has a very “Alice in Wonderland” feel to it. The graphics are really great, and the sound effects add more immersion while playing Agent of Hearts. On the left side, you’ll see some characters. These are magical creatures that can actually help you as you play the game. At the very top sits the Queen’s heart, which you need to unlock with three keys.


There are four bonus features associated with these creatures, also called Agents in the game. The agents include the Cupcake Splat, the Smokin Phat, Grinning Cat, and the Mad Hat. It basically gives you a type of power-up that’s used to increase your winnings while you play.


There are free spin bonuses that you can also score. This generally happens when you are able to activate all four of these Agents. Once they’re all activated, you get a single free spin.

Game Symbols

The symbols in Agent of Hearts are related to a magical world. They will likely feel very familiar once you see them. There are standard gems that you can match on the board. While they do hold value, your target is basically the scatter and Wild symbols. If a white rabbit appears on the screen, then it also gives you a chance to activate an agent. Keys, of course, are also essential game symbols when it comes to unlocking the Queen’s heart.

How to Play

The layout of this game is straightforward. You have a bar at the bottom that shows you the current bet, and your balance and allows you to spin. The bar also has an open space that tells you the result of each spin. Start by entering your bet, then hit the spin button. As symbols begin to match, you’ll see whether you’ve won anything or rather lost the round in this section of the game screen.


Agent of Hearts offers fun graphics and even comes with somewhat of a “mission” that you have to complete. The game has a good RTP rate but comes with high volatility. Some players do find that the bonuses and maximum win in Agent of Hearts do not make up for its volatility. The game does, however, remain a popular option and still gives you different ways to rake in multipliers and wins.