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Prowling Panther

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  • Good RTP
  • Multiplier
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While we’re constantly seeing new casino games make their way to these online platforms, some of the older entries still hold up really well, even in modern times. One of these examples is Prowling Panther, a game that gives you many ways to win, a diverse bet range, and bonus rounds. While the graphics may look a bit dated, the game still offers a fun overall playstyle and a lot to explore. Let’s take a deeper dive into the RTP, volatility, and a few other factors in this review.

About Prowling Panther Slot

Prowling Panther is the perfect addition to the online slot market for those who love wild animals and adventures through dense jungles. The game has a focus on a Panther character, but also features other wild cats, birds, and more. Developed by IGT, or International Game Technology, you can be rest assured that the slot runs on established and high-quality tech.


One of the most crucial factors to consider with Prowling Panther is the fact that this is a high-volatility game. Thus, don’t expect to hit matches very frequently. The game’s RTP is good, at 96.09%. The max win is something that people try to strive for, going up to 50,000x – which is quite a big number in the online slot market.

Game Features and Bonuses

The multiplier in Prowling Panther will be one of the most important elements you have to keep an eye on. That’s because this number can continue to increase as you play the game, and ultimately affects your payouts. You can also score some free spins, although the game isn’t as free giving with these as some of the other slots.

Game Symbols

Just as the name of the slot suggests, the main symbol that you can land is the actual Panther itself. However, the game also comes with several other animal-based symbols, as well as your standard number and letter icons. Every symbol have a specific value, and some can even act as substitutes (wilds) to extend a match that you’ve made. Scatters are also introduced in the game, which allows you to win free spins.

How to Play

Prowling Panther is made by IGT. Even though a well-established name in the online slot sector, the company doesn’t offer official demos of its games. If you prefer a free play, do a quick online search and you’ll find several options that you can explore.


Now, in terms of playing, you’ll always be staking your money on a fixed number of paylines, as we’ve stated previously in this review. You have to set the total amount you want to bet on the spin before hitting the play button. Be mindful of the fact that it’s a high-volatility slot, so understand responsible gambling practices when setting your bet on the slot.


The max win in Prowling Panther is one of the main things that attract so many people to the game. The slot has a decent RTP, but comes with a high volatility, so it might be more suitable for those with a greater level of experience playing slots. Newer players may find the infrequent hits too risky or fail to have the patience to master the game.