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  • Plenty of multipliers
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  • 95% RTP


As the internet evolves, we’re seeing a lot of new casino games become available on these gambling platforms. However, it’s actually quite rare to see land-based casino games coming to online platforms. That’s the case with Rainbow Riches. After becoming really popular at physical casinos, the game quickly started to make waves on online platforms, too. Let’s look at what Rainbow Riches is, how the game works, the bonuses you can score, and how to play.

About Rainbow Riches

Rainbow Riches might not be one of the latest entries when it comes to online casino games, but it’s certainly an exciting option. The game itself features a theme that closely resembles the classic leprechaun tale – with the leprechaun himself, along with his pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.


Once the game launches, you’re presented with a clean interface that’s really easy to navigate. You’ll find that there are five reels on the board and three rows in total. The game has a total of 20 pay lines, and you can bet up to 20 credits per line that you’re going to play. Of course, as with similar slot games, you are in control over how many lines you want to go for with each spin.


The game has an RTP of 95%, which is lower than some of the biggest entries in the online casino industry but still offers a somewhat fair payout percentage.

Game Features and Bonuses

Once you’ve chosen the right online casino among the 4792+ that exist, it’s time to pick a game. That means looking at the variety of features that every game offers, and then choosing one that fits your needs and preferences. That’s why we should take a closer look at what features you can expect from Rainbow Riches, while also considering the bonuses that are available.


There are bonuses that can increase the multiplier on your stake by as much as 500. The Road to Riches is one of the major things that people tend to aim for when they play this game. If you are able to get at least three of the scatter symbols to appear on the board, then you’re going to activate this bonus feature. It’s going to allow you to travel on a path – and every time you advance, your multiplier actually increases.


The Wishing Wells Bonus is also a great feature that can help to get your multiplier up; thus resulting in higher winnings with your spins.

Game Symbols

Rainbow Riches features classic 2D graphics and a couple of symbols that you should familiarize yourself with. Basic symbols include numbers and letters, but what you should be going after is the wishing well and scatter symbols. They give you access to the bonus features that are available in this online casino game.


If you land three leprechaun symbols, you’ll enter the Road to Riches feature. On the other hand, if you’re able to get three or more of the wishing well symbols to appear on the board, then you’re going to enter a bonus state that can increase your multiplier even more.

How to Play

Whether you’re new to online casinos or already an avid player, it’s still important to understand how every game works. With Rainbow Riches, you get a five-reel, three-row board. This means you have 15 spaces available to match up different symbols.


You should start by choosing the number of lines you want to bet on. Additionally, you also have to input your bet per line – that’s going to show you the total bet for the spin. Once you’re ready, simply click on the flashing “SPIN” button and watch as new symbols appear on the screen.


Rainbow Riches is a fun online slots game that you can play at a wide selection of casinos. The great thing about this game is the fact that you can find it at both local and online casinos, so you can really choose where you want to play. It’s made by Barcrest, who has a reputation for making great casino games that people really enjoy, and Rainbow Riches is no different.

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