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Rock Bottom

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  • Free spin
  • High 96.04% RTP
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  • No progressive jackpot


If you’re getting bored of the standard candy and Egyptian-themed slots, then it’s time to try something different. The good news is there are a lot of different themes and designs available when you decide to join an online casino, but it also means you’ll have to do a ton of research to find which ones you want to play. Rock Bottom is one of the more unique entries, not only for its numerous winning options but also the way the entire game is designed.

About Rock Bottom

Once you know the risks that gambling has and understand how to play responsibly, you have to consider the games you’re going to play. Rock Bottom features a grungy, urban theme, and the name really explains it all.


Rock Bottom was made by a studio known as NoLimit City. The thing about NoLimit City is that the studio has become known for its unique take on casino and slot games. Rock Bottom itself is described by the studio as not only having an urban theme but also dark. The game does come with high volatility, but the RTP is also really good, rated at 96.04%. That means only 3.96% of money players bet on this game is kept by the casino.

Game Features and Bonuses

Most online slot games have a serious limit on how many lines you can play at a time. With Rock Bottom, however, you get a chance to play hundreds of pay lines at a time. This essentially means you can maximize your wins. In fact, the minimum paying rate for this game is 576. It has a low entry bet, which also makes Rock Bottom a great choice if you’re just getting started and want to keep your risks as low as possible.


The board itself is also unique. It features a 5×3-4-4-4-3 reel design, which means the board itself has a different layout than many of the other slot games you’ve played before. However, this also means you have different ways to match up symbols in order to boost that multiplier.

Rock Bottom Symbols

The symbols that you’ll see in Rock Bottom perfectly match the grungy feel of the board itself. With this said it’s always important to understand what each of those symbols means. That’s going to give you a better idea of what you can expect as the symbols start to match up after you hit the spin button.


There are standard letter and number symbols that can give you basic winnings. However, to get better winnings, you’ll have to aim for some of the other special symbols. This includes both the Scatter and the Wild symbols. The game calls wilds the xSplit symbol. It’s a great way to activate bonus rounds that give you access to free spins, as well as other functions that increase the amount of money you win.

How to Play

One great way to get started with Rock Bottom is to play a demo of the game. That’s always a good idea if you haven’t played a specific slot game before. You’ll get an idea of how the game works and how you can win.


Once you’re ready to play for real, you have to decide how much you want to bet for every spin. The game actually starts with some clips that you have to scroll through. It’s basically an introduction to the game but also shares some useful features. Click on the coin icon in the bottom left corner to set your bet, and then use the buttons on the bottom right to spin or activate the auto-spin function.


Rock Bottom is one of those slot games that really adds something unique to the iGaming market. The theme itself is already something that attracts a lot of people. There are also a lot of different ways to win with this particular game, so that’s always something nice to have when playing slots. Rock Bottom does have a high volatility, so that’s just one thing to keep in mind.