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It all started out in 2012 in a tiny studio in Stockholm with a couple of guys who decided to do their own thing. In an industry ruled by giants, we went in another direction and swore to always stay fun and give a damn.

A lot has happened since those days, but we sure have kept those promises. Even though we have grown to eighty-something people, we are still a small studio that truly cares about people, our customers, and games. Doing things our way and staying independent will always be of paramount importance to us. Since all game and platform development is done within the four walls of our own powerhouse, we have the freedom to find our own solutions.

Our strategy has stayed the same since day one: to create kick-ass content that leaves no one untouched. Sure, we have made some bold decisions and failed a few times over the years, but we refuse to let assumed “truths” and foregone conclusions dictate what we do. As long as we stay true to ourselves, we are living our dream.